Showers at the Blow Hole

Saipan (3).jpgON calm and peaceful days, there is nothing extraordinary about the long stretch of rugged cliff lines and the wire fence that leads all the way near the water’s edge at the North Field on Tinian. Come on a windy day and it’s a whole different story. Prepare for a special treat—a salty but refreshing shower straight from the Blow Hole.

The Blow Hole is one of top attractions on Tinian, and any visit just wouldn’t be complete without witnessing for yourself the wonderful spray of water that could go up as high as 200 feet on windy days. Tinian’s Blow Hole has already made it to various destinations all over the world through photos and videos posted by those who have been there, and has lured many more tourists to come and see this spectacular display of nature that Tinian has been fortunate to have.

Getting as near to the cliff’s edge as you can is not that easy. You have to carefully pick your away among sharp rocks and limestone, and if you go on a sunny day, bear the merciless beating of the sun just to get near the Blow Hole.

The Blow Hole is really just a hole in the rocks a bit bigger than a basketball carved by Mother Nature and when a particularly big wave rolls in the water goes under the rock and spews out a geyser through the hole that will leave one speechless.

65-1If you are not prepared to get wet, or if you need to protect your camera or video, keep a safe distance from the cliff line’s edge because one unexpectedly huge wave could give you a salty refreshing shower. Otherwise, wait for the shower and enjoy the misty spray that you’re not going to get anywhere else.

Saipan has its own version of a Blow Hole, albeit a smaller one but you cannot go near the Blow Hole. It is protected by sharp rocks, strong currents and gigantic waves that lash angrily at the cliffs every few seconds. To go anywhere near it is madness but you can have a feast shooting photos or taking videos from the safety of the shore.

Saipan’s Blow Hole is located at the Hidden Beach in Talafofo, one of the popular beaches frequented by tourists all the way beyond the Kingfisher Golf Course. Get on your suit and prepare to be drenched at the Blow Holes on Tinian or Saipan. It is an experience absolutely worth getting wet for.


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