Culebra: An island hopper’s get-away

Published at the August 2018 issue. ABOUT 17 miles east of Puerto Rico is a famous strip of an island with beaches so pristine and white and waters so clear that it has become an island hopper’s must-stop in these parts of the Caribbean. A few months ago my travel buddy and I hopped on … Continue reading Culebra: An island hopper’s get-away


Flamenco: A beach lover’s paradise

ABOUT 20 minutes or so onboard a small plane from Puerto Rico toward the east coast of is a small slice of idyllic paradise surrounded by the bluest waters of the Caribbean Ocean. The island is called Isla de Culebra. From the air, the first sight that attracts one’s attention to Culebra is a long … Continue reading Flamenco: A beach lover’s paradise

Experiencing Paris in Las Vegas

I SAW it the moment the taxi drove through the famous Las Vegas Strip from the McCarran International Airport that early morning—the towering 541-foot replica of the Eiffel Tower. It was not actually in my list but I knew I was not going to leave Las Vegas without going up to the Eiffel Tower. At … Continue reading Experiencing Paris in Las Vegas

Postcards from Dallas: The X-Spot

WHEN one is heading to Dallas, Texas for a visit, the most recommended and must-never-miss place is the Dealey Plaza at Elm Street, considered as the Front Door of Dallas and one of the most historic districts in Texas. Stand on the curb of Elm Street and you can immediately identify visitors. They will all … Continue reading Postcards from Dallas: The X-Spot

Cruisin in the rain around Honolulu

WHEN you are visiting Honolulu, Hawaii briefly and the skies welcome you with torrential rains, don’t despair. Rain is not a hindrance to enjoy a scenic albeit wet drive around the best parts of Honolulu and count on leaving the island with hundreds of photos captured during a rainy drive. I was all set to … Continue reading Cruisin in the rain around Honolulu

A tour of New Orleans’ oldest and most famous cemetery

THE directions in the brochure pointed to a closed door at the deserted St. Peter Street at the French Quarter in New Orleans a couple of weeks ago. There was no one on the street except for an elderly woman in a green shirt and long skirt sitting by the doorway. I and my travel … Continue reading A tour of New Orleans’ oldest and most famous cemetery

Driving around the historic city of Guthrie

IMAGINE waking up one morning and finding yourself in the middle of beautiful tree-lined city streets in historic Guthrie about 30 minutes drive away from Oklahoma City. You will rub your eyes to see if you are awake and make sure you haven’t stepped into a time machine. I had no idea what I was … Continue reading Driving around the historic city of Guthrie

In search of drums and feathers

The number one item in my bucket list when I visited Oklahoma a few months back is to shoot real cultural dancers from the Oklahoma Indian tribes in photos and video. I searched online and saw one that was scheduled for that weekend in Ponca City about two hours drive from Oklahoma so we started … Continue reading In search of drums and feathers

New Orleans to Orlando: Road trip through the marshlands

I always love road trips especially when all I have to do is ride buses and enjoy the views from my window and get short town to town stopovers along the way, but driving for over 10 hours in the interstate in a compact car is a totally different experience. You can be in Orlando … Continue reading New Orleans to Orlando: Road trip through the marshlands