Cash-strapped at the New Delhi airport

When I got off the taxi at the Terminal 2 of Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi a few weeks back, I already exchanged all the Indian rupees I had in stash to Thailand Baht and was left with nothing else but 50 rupee bill for souvenir. That turned out to be the biggest … Continue reading Cash-strapped at the New Delhi airport

How to survive Saipan-Tinian flights

UNLESS you own a boat or is a daring swimmer, you have no other option to commute from Saipan to Tinian and vice versa except to board those six or 10-seater Cessna planes operated by Star Marianas Air. For some passengers, the 10-minute or so flight means agonizing minutes of total fright and had elicited … Continue reading How to survive Saipan-Tinian flights

9 things to do on Rota

IF you ever get the chance to visit Rota, dubbed as the untouched gem of the Pacific located at the southernmost part of the Northern Mariana Islands, prepare to be surprised. The island has much to offer especially to first-time visitors, and here are nine things you must not miss: Go fishing. Swim, dive or … Continue reading 9 things to do on Rota

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Moonlit sailing in Saipan lagoon

THERE are sunset, sunrise, and daylight cruises. I’ve tried them all at one time or another, but a moonlit cruise in the Saipan lagoon was something I didn’t plan for. I had heard moonlight cruises were being offered by some cruise companies here by special arrangement through some organizations for fundraisers, meetings and gatherings in … Continue reading Moonlit sailing in Saipan lagoon