Sunset at the Taga Beach

TINIAN, Northern Mariana Islands—Just a few meters across from the Tinian Dynasty Hotel & Casino is my favorite beach on the island—Taga Beach. From the ground level, you won’t see any beach but just the rocky ledge bordered with Taga Stone-shaped rocks leading to the jump off or diving point the end which is the … Continue reading Sunset at the Taga Beach


Taste of the Marianas kicks off tourism month

MAY. It's that month again when Saipan holds the month-long celebration of the Annual Taste of the Marianas International Food & Beer Garden Festival drawing thousands of locals and tourists at the American Memorial Park grounds on Saturday evenings. It was almost impossible to move around without bumping into someone else at the festival grounds … Continue reading Taste of the Marianas kicks off tourism month

Rediscovering Saipan’s pocket beaches

Go beyond the end of the paved roads in the island and discover pocket beaches that you didn’t think existed. These ‘pocket’ beaches which are usually nestled between coves along the rocky shoreline are usually hidden from view by thick blankets of shrubs, and are not usually photographed by anyone else except for those who … Continue reading Rediscovering Saipan’s pocket beaches

Naftan Point: Thrill on Edge

NAFTAN Point all the way to the southernmost tip of Saipan is one of the most popular places on island to greet the dawn of a new day but there is more to these jungles can offer an adventurous hiker in addition to spectacular sunrises. The trail to Naftan Point is not paved easy for … Continue reading Naftan Point: Thrill on Edge

Showers at the Blow Hole

ON calm and peaceful days, there is nothing extraordinary about the long stretch of rugged cliff lines and the wire fence that leads all the way near the water’s edge at the North Field on Tinian. Come on a windy day and it’s a whole different story. Prepare for a special treat—a salty but refreshing … Continue reading Showers at the Blow Hole

Escaping beyond Banzai Cliff

IF you have driven all the way to the Banzai Cliff in Marpi, marveled at the Suicide Cliff from a distance, got fascinated by the huge waves crashing on the cliffs below, and enjoyed the peacefully quiet yet eerie atmosphere and think that you have seen everything, you’re wrong. At the far end of the … Continue reading Escaping beyond Banzai Cliff

Smiling Cove: favorite island hangout

  FROM its old view with sharp and rusty pieces of steel sticking out along the water’s edge, the newly-paved walkway with protective bars at the Smiling Cove Marina has become one of the newest destinations for joggers and sunset watchers these days. The long stretch of walkway at the Smiling Cove is an alternative … Continue reading Smiling Cove: favorite island hangout

How to survive Saipan-Tinian flights

UNLESS you own a boat or is a daring swimmer, you have no other option to commute from Saipan to Tinian and vice versa except to board those six or 10-seater Cessna planes operated by Star Marianas Air. For some passengers, the 10-minute or so flight means agonizing minutes of total fright and had elicited … Continue reading How to survive Saipan-Tinian flights

‘Taste of Saipan’ at the street market

ALL roads lead to the Fishing Base in Garapan on Thursday nights as the mouthwatering aroma of food and the lively music from the stage lure locals and tourists for the weekly street market. Beginning around 5 p.m. the Street Market feast begins and the place is transformed into a destination where one can have … Continue reading ‘Taste of Saipan’ at the street market

‘Flaming’ islands

IT’S that time of the year once again in the Northern Mariana Islands when all you see while driving around the island are bare flame trees with nothing but twigs on them. Those leafless trees are just the onset of something wonderful. In a few weeks, red flaming flowers will blossom and replace the bleak … Continue reading ‘Flaming’ islands

Breath-taking rides to Saipan’s hidden trails

EXPLORING Saipan’s hidden jungles and rugged trails while strapped to your seat onboard a Polariz Razr is one of the must-not-miss experiences to get to know the island from a whole different perspective. If you are not that adventurous and daring,   looking at the Polariz Razr with its irregularly shaped wheels will make you think … Continue reading Breath-taking rides to Saipan’s hidden trails

Chicken Feathers and Garlic Skin- The diary of garment factory worker

The total demise of a garment industry on Saipan in 2008 left nothing but deserted and dilapidated buildings in huge compounds all over the island. But not everything vanished with the end of the garment era. The memories stay behind, both for the residents who experienced Saipan’s heydays and for the garment factory workers. Behind … Continue reading Chicken Feathers and Garlic Skin- The diary of garment factory worker

9 things to do on Rota

IF you ever get the chance to visit Rota, dubbed as the untouched gem of the Pacific located at the southernmost part of the Northern Mariana Islands, prepare to be surprised. The island has much to offer especially to first-time visitors, and here are nine things you must not miss: Go fishing. Swim, dive or … Continue reading 9 things to do on Rota

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A glance at the old jail

ONE of the historical sites often visited by tourists on Saipan that has always fascinated me is the old Japanese Jail located just a block away from the CNMI Museum along the Middle Road. I first saw this dilapidated structure when I arrived on this island in 2008, obvious leftovers from the bloody war and … Continue reading A glance at the old jail