Culebra: An island hopper’s get-away

Published at the August 2018 issue. ABOUT 17 miles east of Puerto Rico is a famous strip of an island with beaches so pristine and white and waters so clear that it has become an island hopper’s must-stop in these parts of the Caribbean. A few months ago my travel buddy and I hopped on … Continue reading Culebra: An island hopper’s get-away


Stopover on Tinian's Overlook

THE first thing that you will think of when you land on Tinian is that there’s nothing in the small island that can entertain you.From above, the island is just a short stretch of trees and forests bounded by, dotted by a few dilapidated structures.Looking out from the plane window, the beaches and the giant … Continue reading Stopover on Tinian's Overlook

Revisiting Star Sand Beach

TINIAN — An afternoon of aimless driving at North Field a couple of weeks a go took me and two companions to a fork in the road leading to Unai Chulu, or Star Sand, Beach, a popular destination known for its star-shaped grains of sand. We saw a family that included a teenage boy arranging … Continue reading Revisiting Star Sand Beach