King’s Well in Malacca

The King’s Well or Hang Li Poh’s Well is a historical water well in Kampung Bukit China in Malacca City. It is the oldest water wells in Malaysia and is now one of the top tourist attractions in the city. The well sits right next to the Poh San Teng temple At first glance, the … Continue reading King’s Well in Malacca


A glance at the old jail

ONE of the historical sites often visited by tourists on Saipan that has always fascinated me is the old Japanese Jail located just a block away from the CNMI Museum along the Middle Road. I first saw this dilapidated structure when I arrived on this island in 2008, obvious leftovers from the bloody war and … Continue reading A glance at the old jail

Roadtrip Rota

DRIVING aimlessly around the island of Rota is one of the most rewarding experiences on island, especially if it is your first time there and you came with a thirst for adventure. Upon your arrival, rent a car from the car rental companies outside the arrival area of the airport and as soon as you … Continue reading Roadtrip Rota

Remains of an old church

TINIAN, Northern Mariana Islands--If there is one structure that would never fail to catch one's attention on the historic island of Tinian, it is this old bell tower or what has remained of it at the back of the San Jose Catholic church in the village of San Jose. The ruins of the old bell … Continue reading Remains of an old church

Crossing borders: I walked all the way from Thailand to Malaysia

If I say I walked all the way from Thailand to Malaysia and you haven’t done that, chances are you won’t believe me but I did! Traveling to Malaysia from Thailand is easy, especially if you are already staying near the border. I was at Narathiwat, Thailand’s southernmost city for a couple of days before … Continue reading Crossing borders: I walked all the way from Thailand to Malaysia

Screaming walls of an old lighthouse

EXACTLY three years ago, I visited for the first time this old Japanese lighthouse at the Navy Hill and was impressed about the sturdy structure which has played an important role in history, albeit its neglected state. I grabbed the chance revisit the lighthouse on Tuesday with a friend who, having just returned to Saipan … Continue reading Screaming walls of an old lighthouse

Exploring the ruins of Tinian’s historical buildings

THE gaping holes on the roofs walls and floors, the protruding and bent pieces of steel, the tall bushes around and the eerie silence of the surrounding – this all adds up to one of the must-not-miss historical attractions in the island of Tinian. The ruins of the Air Administration Building stood amid thick foliage … Continue reading Exploring the ruins of Tinian’s historical buildings

Eerie twilight at a radar tower

IN a small island like Saipan, an individual with a pair of itchy feet must have to double the effort and sharpen his or her to wanderlust senses to scout for new crannies to explore. As a newcomer to Saipan last year, I was eager and thirsty to explore everything, turning deaf ears to the … Continue reading Eerie twilight at a radar tower

Leisure time at the walkway

THIS long strip of walkway along the beach road beneath the shade of pine trees is one place residents pass by several times each day, and many have always taken this place for granted, but have you ever tried taking off a few minutes of your time to walk, jog bike or just spend some … Continue reading Leisure time at the walkway

A quick shower at the Blow Hole

From a distance, nothing seems extra-ordinary about the long stretch of rocky limestone cliffs and the long wire fence that went all the way near the water’s edge, but if you stay a minute longer, you will witness one of the spectacular wonders that nature has bestowed on Tinian. I was in the northeast part … Continue reading A quick shower at the Blow Hole