Chiang Rai’s Golden Toilet

IT is not a golden palace where a royal family lives, or a temple but it is a public restroom. The golden toilet at Wat Rong Khun temple is probably the most luxurious and the most photographed restroom in the world. I usually take sneak photos of everything and anything everywhere I go but I … Continue reading Chiang Rai’s Golden Toilet


Dipping into Saipan’s sunken pool

Any trip to Saipan would never be complete without going to the Grotto, a sunken pool of amazingly azure waters that is connected to the ocean by passages underwater. For divers, the Grotto is one of Saipan’s best spots but non-divers too can enjoy the tranquility the place offers. Come with me as we visit … Continue reading Dipping into Saipan’s sunken pool

Revisiting a WW2 structure

TINIAN—A few meters away from the air raid shelters and the monuments erected in memory of the marine battalions is the dilapidated yet sturdy structure used to house the air administrations staff building in the North Field of Tinian. Except for the distant whirring sounds of a brush cutter some maintenance men making as they … Continue reading Revisiting a WW2 structure

Moonlight escapade at the Bird Island

HOW far have you ventured in Marpi in the dead of the night? During the day time things are different, with buses and vans from different tour companies unloading tourists into the different attractions such as the Grotto, Suicide Cliff, Banzai Cliff, the Last Command Post, and Bird Island sanctuary. The farthest place I’ve been … Continue reading Moonlight escapade at the Bird Island

Revisiting Sugar King Park

EXCEPT for a lone individual who was reading a newspaper near the preserved sugar train, the Sugar King Park was deserted late one Friday afternoon when I dropped by to unwind for a few minutes. Located across from the CNMI Museum in Garapan, the Sugar King Park is one of the tourist attractions on Saipan … Continue reading Revisiting Sugar King Park

Tinian blow hole

I finally had the chance to visit the famous Blow Hole located at the Northeast part of Tinian, on the Pacific Ocean side last Sunday. This is one place I had always wanted to visit but never got the chance to do so, and i have Kiri Jackson, Tinian Dynasty's casino marketing and promotions to … Continue reading Tinian blow hole