A Charm called Chiang Mai

IN the northernmost part of Thailand is Chiang Mai, a city that caught my heart and became my instant favorite the first time I saw it from an airplane window. Chiang Mai is a far cry from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. It is small and laid-back but packed with everything—from mountains to verdant … Continue reading A Charm called Chiang Mai


Breath-taking rides to Saipan’s hidden trails

EXPLORING Saipan’s hidden jungles and rugged trails while strapped to your seat onboard a Polariz Razr is one of the must-not-miss experiences to get to know the island from a whole different perspective. If you are not that adventurous and daring,   looking at the Polariz Razr with its irregularly shaped wheels will make you think … Continue reading Breath-taking rides to Saipan’s hidden trails

Stargazing from the cliffs

FOR the daring, one ideal spot on Saipan where you can hang out on a star-filled night to commune with nature and gaze at stars to your heart’s content is the Banzai Cliff in Marpi. Although majority would immediately cross out such choice of location and opt instead to spread a mat on any of … Continue reading Stargazing from the cliffs

In search of drums and feathers

The number one item in my bucket list when I visited Oklahoma a few months back is to shoot real cultural dancers from the Oklahoma Indian tribes in photos and video. I searched online and saw one that was scheduled for that weekend in Ponca City about two hours drive from Oklahoma so we started … Continue reading In search of drums and feathers

Tinuy-an Falls: The Little Niagara of the Philippines

My first glimpse of Tinuy-an Falls is a wide cascading body of water more or less three feet tall, beautiful but nothing impressive and I thought all the promotion about the Tinuy-an Falls, dubbed as the Little Niagara Falls of the Philippines, was just media hype. Why, it was just like any ordinary small falls! … Continue reading Tinuy-an Falls: The Little Niagara of the Philippines

Saipan Zoo revisited

DRIVING aimlessly one Saturday afternoon, I ended up at a popular destination in As Mahetug, the Saipan Zoo, which I had not visited for the past couple of years. Except for a woman with a couple of kids, there were no other visitors at the zoo when I pulled over and walked leisurely toward the … Continue reading Saipan Zoo revisited

Footnotes from Tokyo

THE long walk through endless halls from the arrival area at Guam Airport to Gate 8 where we were scheduled to board the Continental Airlines to Narita Airport a couple of weeks ago should have been an omen of more walks and feet blisters to come. I was with Jinky Kintaro, one of the members … Continue reading Footnotes from Tokyo

An afternoon at the zoo

A DEEP and frightful roaring drew us to the direction where Lambert the African lion is caged. It was past 4 p.m. and the continuous roaring signaled that Lambert was hungry. Several meters away, BooBoo, a female black bear was impatiently climbing on the bars and the roof of his quarters. Near the entrance, Tasha, … Continue reading An afternoon at the zoo